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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  September 8, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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i'm terry mcsweeney live in hayward where the woman accused of murdering michelle le is in court today. we know the evidence against her and the requests that michelle le's family is making coming up. i'm amy hollyfield live in san francisco where another bart protest is expected to slam the
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evening commute. protestors have changed their plans a little bit but they say they are not going away. good morning. live look from roof cam in downtown san francisco. what we're seeing more clouds this morning, winds of change are bringing cooler air in earlier. and road work has been cleared on the bay bridge heading into san francisco. we still have a couple of lanes blocked off on the lower deck. complete report. >> thursday, at 5:00, i'm kristen sze. >> i'm eric thomas. >> topping our news, a union city is due in court to formally face murder charges in the disappearance three months ago of a nursing student. despite the arrest there is huge unsolved mystery in the murder case. terry? >> reporter: there is still no body and family of michelle le, they are determined to find that
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body wherever it may be hidden. they believe it's out in the east bay. they are asking the suspect to help investigators so they can bring closure. take a look at the suspect in the murder investigation. 27-year-old gizelle esteban. we'll see a picture and video from unrelated case. she has been a person of interest since day one, was arrested and shortly was arrested back in may. the arrest came yesterday and police laid out some of the evidence. located inside michelle's car have been analyzed and have been confirmed that michelle is the source of the bloodstains. the parking structure where her car had been, revealed that esteban was present before and after michelle's disappearance. >> at this point she is still missing and we'll fight to get
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her home every day. >> reporter: the family has organized numerous searches in the hills near niles canyon and sunol. nothing has turned up yet but they do want closure. possible motive. there is speculation that esteban had a history of violence and mental illness resented her friendship with es at the ban's former boyfriend. esteban called abc7 shortly after the disappearance she had nothing to do with the disappearance but she did hate her for that relationship. esteban is expected in court at 2:00 this afternoon. it's a thursday, not a monday but today is the day bart protestors are threatening to force the closure of a downtown station. they are demanding that the bart police department be disbanded.
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amy hollyfield is live at the powell street station. >> reporter: the location has changed. it's going to be the powell street station, not the civic center. the flyer doesn't say why they changed location but they are very specific. the group organizing today's protest is no justice, no bart. this is not the anonymous group in the past. this planned the first protest that got quite rowdy. today's group wants to inconvenience bart add administrators. the goal is to put them right in front of the fare gate so bart is forced to open the gate and let the public ride for free. if police end up shutting down the station the group is prepared to move on to another station. riders complain about being
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inconvenienced, literature encourages them to respond. police murder is inconvenient. they are protesting the police shooting of a transient. so it starts at 5:00 this afternoon at the powell station in front of the fare gate. amy hollyfield, "abc 7 news." parents of students who attend two schools in the west contra costa school district had a welcome surprise. they learned the schools will not be closing next year. they paid off an $8 million loan and because of that, the board took lake elementary school and shannon elementary in pinole off the closure list for the fall of 2012. >> i'm really happy. this is what we've been waiting for. i'm really happy. >> the city of san pablo has
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been fundings lake elementary for the past three years. now, the school district will keep both schools open indefinitely. >> in the race for san francisco mayor a new campaign poll shows appointed mayor ed lee maintains a commanding lead. the poll shows that lee winning, securing 61% of the votes. the poll covered 700 likely voters. it shows the closest competitor leland yee finishing with 14%. a family $12 million in damages for failure to keep a road open. a person was killed on the road in 200. his death one of 15 serious accidents that occurred in 21
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days of resurfacing work. they filed a wrongful death lawsuit and jury cleared the chp but found that loose gravel and other dangerous road hazards did play a role in the death. >> sharks a picked in the sixth round during june's draft. russian jet plunged into a river bank. it took off yesterday about 150 miles northeast of moscow. rescuers found two survivors. 43 others died. they included several other place that played in europe professional league. >> it's now pga 07. a house committee is expected to vote to block some of the pipeline safety rules after the san bruno disaster.
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republican backed bill would prohibit federal regulators from requiring pipeline operators to inspect the structural integrity of major pipelines in lightly populated areas. it would bar industry standards to detect leaks but instead it would do studies. >> measure's sponsor's it improves safety and en hangsz reliability and helps create new jobs. >> lightning storms and strong winds are predicted in northern california, increasing the possibility of wildfires. cal department of forestry is moving extra accuse into the counties. they are worried that conditions could be similar to the 2008 lightning season that sparked about 2,000 lightning sparked fires. thunderstorms in the bay area?
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>> it's been a funny weather year. we're getting a break from the heat. a short little break from the heat. >> especially inland. it will be back tomorrow and then eliciting away for an extended period of time. let me show you what is going on. you see the thunderstorms rumbling through there. they are moving away so the fire watch is for tomorrow and saturday when the storms will be closer to the sierra. you can see all the areas shaded in red. that is where we'll have the hire fire danger because of the thunderstorms and lightning. back here at home. we got more to stuff about. santa rosa, quarter mile visibility. rest of us in the 50s and 60s with increasing clouds around the bay this morning. sea breeze will drop our temperatures just a little bit this afternoon, low to mid 90s and mid to upper 80s in the south bay. low to mid-80s in the north bay and 80 in palo alto, 82 in
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fremont and 68 in san francisco. monterey bay, not as sunny and not as warm, low to mid-70s. here is that accu-weather seven-day forecast, small rollercoaster of temperatures a as we go down today about 2-4 degrees. another 6 degrees sunday. let's find out what could cause problems this morning. retrofitting project on dumbarton is continuing. few lanes are blocked 84 until convict, westbound no delays. antioch on westbound 4 making your way towards concord. speeds are at the limit. we do have road work between railroad and that should be cleared about 6:00 this morning. let's go outside live look at san jose, 280 at 17
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overcrossing. on 17, you will find road work in summit road in both directions. >> thank you so much. >> you may never ride it but you will pay for it. the new funding problem that mean taxpayers are stuck with the bill for one of california's biggest transit projects. >> why yahoo dropped ceo may be too torn up about being let go. >> the facebook interview coming for the queen of talk.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. topping america's money, prescriptions for the economy. before president obama outlines his job, ben bernanke will talk about what his central bank can do to revive the economy. no economic problems at facebook. social network doubled to $1.6 billion because companies are eager to advertise on the site. best buy is taking a make out of amazon's book. they will offer products from third party sellers. the company has suffered because commerce go to look at merchandise and buy it from somebody else. your favorite breakfast food may be in trouble. eventually grocers may have to switch to another variety.
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i'm rob nelson. >> a huge blow this morning to the high speed rail project. as early as today, congressional committees will decide how to reduce the nation's overall transportation spending and obama administration will increase rail spending, some experts billions in federal in funding could disappear. that could leave california smoldering the cost which has soared to $65 billion. they have agreed to $9 billion in bonds to build the system. jobs will be a part of the major on project in san francisco as the city takes another step in grand central station of the west. ed lee signed a bill symbolize the beginning of new transit center. it is going up in the south of market. it's one piece of transit plan. the new neighborhood will
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include 4,000 units of housing and more than 6 million square feet of office space and skyline of buildings tall enough to rival the transamerica pyramid. >> it is job producing and it's the most important thing we are doing. why we shake our heads why other cities can't be going this. >> the project is expected to create more than 27,000 permanent jobs and environmental reported should be ready by the end of the month out going ceo of yahoo is leaving with a package. she is eligible for almost $10.5 million in stock options that grow as the stock please rises. she was fired by phone after failing to find new growth. yahoo stock rose 5% on her ouster. chevron will pay $24.35
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million to california to settle claims that the oil giant failed to properly inspect and maintain underground gas tanks. they say chevron violated anti-pollution laws with tampering devices and to maintain alarm systems in california. a hearing is set for alameda county superior court. >> queen of talk is in the bay area to spend time with her fans. oprah winfrey will a facebook in palo alto for a live chat. it will stream on facebook interview channel beginning at 1:00 p.m. she will answer questions on the live event page. she is meeting with facebook and fwird executives in how to increase traffic in her website. she is asking for the 4:00 p.m. time slot that she is used to
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having. >> she did very well. >> cooler. >> it's still going to be warm but not as hot as yesterday. i'll show you how the temperatures compare to average. give you an idea of how we're playing this september 8th forecast. >> we're looking back to the east from emeryville, you can see the lou low clouds filling the bay. the sign the sea breeze is stronger than it was yesterday and temperatures will drop this afternoon. let's take a look at those temperatures. fog, that is the big story up around santa rosa. visibility down to a quarter of a mile. 50 in novafo. fairfield and antioch livermore in the low 60s. monterey bay, 53-55 degrees with healthier cloud deck. highlights, up sunny and warm and inland, just not as warm it was yesterday. find more clouds at the coast.
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tomorrow will be the last hot day inland as we ramp up the temperatures for one last push before triple-digits. and also the high fire danger in about ten minutes ago, that will existed more so on saturday. redwood city and san francisco, two degrees cooler. napa, exactly. inland east bay valleys at 93. livermore 7 degrees warmer than average. let's take a look at the cloud on cover. pretty extensive along the coast it is filling the bay and continue to do so about 8:30 and 9:00 and pull back to the coast where it will be more widespread around the coast. 70s and 80s around the bay and 90s as you head farther away the water. 90 in los gatos and mid-80s to low on 80s is head toward
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milpitas. 80 in palo alto. drop down to 75 in millbrae. over the coast. half moon bay, 56 for you daly city, 61. downtown, near 70 with mid to upper 80s in low valleys. >> castro valley and fremont could hit the low 80s. low to mid 90s. no triple-digit weather today. same weather around gilroy and hollister but clouds will keep you around the low 70s. antioch could hold out at about 60. accu-weather seven-day forecast. 2-4 degrees warmer tomorrow and 6 degree drop on saturday. look at sunday, about another 6 degree drop. coolest days will be sunday and monday. good morning. so far so good for thursday morning commute. road workly mai slow you down.
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live look at 680 in walnut creek. north main exit. southbound, it's nice here but as you do make your way in san ramon valley, repaving project through alamo, couple lanes will be blocked until 6:00. east shore underway, heading through the berkeley area, headlights move westbound and drive time through the carquinez to the maze, light 19 minutes. once you reach the bay bridge toll plaza, no problems. for the latesting go to and click on the traffic link under abc7 extras. san francisco symphony is giving the city a big thank you today. we'll tell you where you can enjoy a noontime concert. >> honoring the best of the best kennedy center honors a
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performer that is favorite in the bay area. my wife the dentist allows only one mouthwash in our home.
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5:24, good morning, this is a live picture from cape canaveral, florida. nasa hopes to launch this rocket but they may have to wait a couple of days because of weather. it is carrying an unmanned spacecraft. they will take a trip to the moon where they will chase each other in orbit. they will measure the gap between them in hopes of determining what is at the
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moon's core. they can help determine what the moon is made of. singer neil diamond and merle streep and yo-yo ma is three of artists that will be honored at kennedy center honors ma is one of world's most famous classical musicians. diamond is known for hits such as suite caroline. that was inspired by caroline kennedy. rounding out the group of five, sonny rollins and barbara cook. >> you can catch a performance of the symphony for free. they will be leading the symphony at free concert to celebrate the 100th birthday. it starts at 11:30. the concert begins at noon.
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you can bring your lunch or buy from one of the many food trucks that will be at the plaza. a little sunshine, music and symphony, what could be better. >> score one for students, teachers and parents, next the new deal that will protect two east bay schools from closing anytime soon. >> protestors plan to target bart again today. they insist they are not trying to inconvenience riders. i'm amy hollyfield and i'll tell you what they plan to do up next. and the family of a missing hayward student makes an appeal to the woman arrested for her murder. we're live with what le's family is asking that suspect to do. >> and heat is on the west coast 84 in seattle. 93 in portland to 109 in phoenix looks like fall everywhere else and we have storms churning up in the northeast causing flooding and flight arrival
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delays into philly and all the new york airports. our flight tracker tracking individual flights at
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i'm terry mcsweeney live in hayward where the woman accused of murdering michelle le will appear in court. there is one thing the relatives are still asking for. i'm amy hollyfield live in san francisco where bart riders are rolling their eyes and adjusting their day as news spread that protestors will be at the powell station this afternoon. >> good morning, a live look at downtown san francisco. a sea breeze and slightly cooler weather but the heat is not gone for long. >> and crash along southbound
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101 and complete photograph report in just a few minutes. good morning everyone. thanks for joining us, i'm eric thomas. >> and i'm kristen sze. >> big developing financial news we're getting word of. >> bank of america is shutting down as many as 600 branches as part of a reorganization. several stations in the bank's home state of north carolina say the cuts will be a plan to split the bank into two units, a consumer unit and commercial unit. we'll continue to follow that. meantime. former friend accused of murdering a bay area nursing student is making her first court appearance. the victim's family is making an emotional appeal to the accused. terry mcsweeney is live at the hayward police department. what is the family asking for? what they really want is closure. they want the suspect to tell
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them where the body of michelle le is hidden. they have searched the hillsides here and they don't really expect the suspect to come through with that information. evidence of that is they have another search scheduled. take a look at the suspect, this is 27-year-old gizelle esteban. she is under arrest for nursing student michelle le. she disappeared from the parking garage back in may. they are revealing the evidence against esteban. surveillance video before the disappearance and after. also tennis shoes found with le's dna on them and they have cellphone evidence. cellphone records and cell tower activation shows that michelle's phone and esteban's phone traveled on a similar path to other locations within alameda county immediately after
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her disappearance. >> she would always call me, say happy birthday and telling me she loved me. >> reporter: that was recorded yesterday meaning today is michael le's birthday. what would be the motive? some say it could be jealousy, esteban called abc7 and she didn't have any involvement but she hated le. esteban has a history of violence and mental illness. esteban is expected in court today at 2:00. terry mcsweeney, "abc 7 news". protestors plan an unusual thursday demonstration at a downtown san francisco bart station. they hope to draw enough people to overwhelm the gates and have passengers ride for free.
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amy hollyfield is live at powell street bart. actual target is the bart police force. >> reporter: the bart riders we talked to have dread this had afternoon. the location has changed at civic center at powell they are going to gather right in front of the fare gates and goal is to mobilize so many people that bart is forced to open up the gates and let everyone on for free. after the protests back in august, bart started insisting the protests are not allowed on the plat form. they want to test the rule and demonstrate right in front of the fare gate. they say their goals is to inconvenience bart administrators bart riders. >> i think it's idiotic. they are trying to make an reaction and make worse for
5:34 am
them. >> the group is called no justice, no bart. if riders complain about inconvenience, they tell the protestors to respond that police murder is inconvenient. they are protesting the police shooting of a transient on july 3rd. activists plan to protesting until ge thet can guns taken away from bart police or get the bart police department disbanded altogether. it's 5:00 powell station, here in san francisco. okay now i'll sign off. amy hollyfield. >> this morning, in carson city nevada, detectives are trying to figure out if a gunman was targeting national guardsmen. five premium were killed including the gunman that took
5:35 am
his own life. national guard major they were having an informal meeting tuesday morning when 32-year-old shooter shot them. a woman was also killed. 911 calls captured the panic during the shooting spree. >> at ihop a shooting going on. at the ihop. an automatic weapon! [ gun shots ] witnesses say he came outside the restaurant and begin shooting in every direction before shooting himself. he had no criminal record but the family says he did have a history of mental illness. >> more information this morning about another attack at candlestick park it happened between u.c. berkeley and cal state fresno. they say fans from both teams
5:36 am
started fighting from the parking lot and the victim was hit. police arrested one man after witnesses pointed him out. he is expected to recover. two weeks ago, violence marred a pre-season game between the 49 ears and raiders. two men were shot in a parking lot and another was knocked unconscious. they were worried about two expected school closures but they got a welcome surprise that lake elementary school in san pablo and shannon elementary school will not be closing next year. that is because board members voted to pay off an $8 million loan that the district has been saddled with the last 20 years. >> we have no more uncertainty about our school being closed, no more worrying, no more -- am i going to be here tomorrow? >> the city has been fundings lake elementary for the past
5:37 am
three years. now, the school district will pay to keep lake and shannon open indefinitely. >> firefighters are keeping a close eye on a wildfire burning now 40% contained. it broke out yesterday afternoon and has burned about 60 acres in mountain ranch near angel's camp. the flames came close to homes. cause of fire remains under investigation. almost 5:37. time to take a look at our weather forecast. >> looking slightly cooler, not quite as warm as yesterday. good morning now. take a look at the satellite. a curl in the atmosphere that is going to intensify the sea breeze and why we'll see more clouds and temperatures will drop this afternoon. west wind at fairfield at 15 and free air-conditioning from the
5:38 am
ocean. temperatures are pretty close, 3 degrees cooler in fremont. four degrees warmer in half moon bay. we'll settle at about 8:00 right in the 50s to near 60 in concord. low 60s around antioch and san jose. we'll have those clouds still lingering around the bay. probably have flight arrival delays at sfo. clouds back to the coast. half moon bay and san francisco into oakland, low to mid-70s through the rest of the bayshore. 70s in south bay and north bay. 80s showing up in the valleys. 90s in the east bay valleys. 77 in san rafael, 84 at santa rosa. mid-60s along the coast into san francisco. accu-weather seven-day forecast, how about warmer weather tomorrow before the significant cooling trend begins saturday and really hits us sunday and monday. fog up in the north bay but i don't know if if it's affecting traffic.
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>> we're going start things off in san rafael along 101, no delays making your way out of novato and heading southbound toward 580. drive time from 37 to 580 a light nine minutes, but north of that there is a crash southbound 101 at independence. >> elsewhere, let's take a look at the commute. highway 24, heading right through the orinda area, headlights are moving westbound, drive time from 680 to the caldecott, nine minutes, traffic is moving limit. southbound bay commuters, this is 101 at 880 overcrossing, problem free. it's 5:39. >> case of a missing iphone turns into an i-mystery. san francisco police investigating an investigation. >> and an effort to fast track a new football stadium for los angeles. 49ers want to come along for the ride.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. san francisco police have launched an investigation into the search for a missing iphone 5 prototype. they tracked the phone to bernal heights man. four plainclothes officers waited outside while employees
5:43 am
searched but the pair never identified them as apple workers and he assumed they were officers. the phone was never found. they are facing questions over why the officers never made an official report. >> a bill sailing lieu the legislature to fast track a football stadium in los angeles could benefit the 49ers. the bill's sponsors plan to add it to the measure today. it weighs environmental regulations that could hold up construction. any legal challenges under the california environmental act to go directly to the court of appeals. by doing so it saves up to three years in potential delays. you may be able to pick up amazon packages at 7-eleven. bloomberg business report is coming up. >> they say it's a win-win but california may be the lose. the deal that will cost a year's
5:44 am
worth of tax revenue. >> republican presidential candidates are talking about jobs, so is president obama himself tonight. i'm scott goldberg in washington. washington. that story is coming up.
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welcome back. check out the thunderstorms moving through the sierra and into nevada this morning, that is where they are going to stay
5:47 am
until tomorrow when they return and create a weather watch all the way through saturday. watch out if are heading up today. it's going to be hot in central valley, hundred, 94 in l.a. again. 112 in palm springs. republican presidential candidates hand the baton to president obama as they debated last night. jobs was one of their main issues. tonight president obama presents his plan with an address. scott goldberg is live in washington. good morning, scott. >> reporter: good morning. it is president obama's turn. he is going to tliv the speech he first wanted to give last night but rescheduled after it conflicted with the republican debate in simi valley. >> there are eight republicans on the stage but most attention is focusing on two, governor
5:48 am
rick perry and mitt romney know the one question on voters' minds, who knows best how to create jobs. >> michael dukakis created jobs three tames faster. >> george bush created jobs fashion terrify than you did. >> i think are raining on the parade. as governor of utah we are number one job creator. >> now the attention turns back to the plate they are trying to reach, washington, where president obama presents his ideas to a joint session to congress. >> white house promises it will be a detailed proposal to create jobs. likely a package of tax cuts and spending on roads and bridges. stakes are high for a president
5:49 am
whose popularity is sliding. >> president obama has to understand he is still our president. if congress is going to not work with him he needs to step up and work against them. so the president will be speaking to two audiences tonight. republicans that control the house and control the his job packages and voters that control his political fate. >> before you go. some members of congress say they are going skip the speech tonight. what is the story there? >> reporter: a new lawmakers say they are going to boycott the speech for different reasons, including a couple republican senators. jim demint wants to sit this one and david vitter of louisiana says he is staying home to host a football party, new orleans saints taking on the packers to kick off the n.f.l. season. thank you so much. a reminder to our viewers, stay
5:50 am
with abc7 for the prime time speech before a joint session of congress. we'll carry it live at 4:00 p.m. >> investigators are trying to figure out what caused an engine on a virgin america flight that zpartd from san francisco to blow and force the plane to make an emergency landing. the plane was an a-bus and landed grand junction. a passenger on board said he saw flames from the rear of the jet coming out of one of engines. there were 111 people on board. no injuries, passengers were taken to a hotel as an alternate flight arrangements are being made to get them to their original destination. >> we're work to get more information and bring you more later in the news captain. right now, if you are wondering is it going cool down,
5:51 am
especially inland. yesterday was really hot. >> it will be hot in some areas but quite as hot. after that, it will be gone for an extended period of time. thanks for hanging around and checking out the forecast. 5:50 this morning. looking at the embarcadero, a lot of traffic you usually don't see that. must be good sign that school is back in session for just about everybody. financial guys are getting ready for the market. who knows what it's going to do? temperatures are running around 50. the visibility down to a quarter mile. next-door, napa, 49 degrees for the cool spot. 50s around the bayshore and out to the coast. around monterey bay inland, more cloud cover and temperatures in the mid-50s. it will be sunny around the bay area but not quite as warm.
5:52 am
a lot of clouds at the coast compared to yesterday. tomorrow is our last real hot day inland before the cooling trend sits in. we have sierra storms, high fire danger if you are heading that way over the weekend. come married to yesterday, 4 degrees cooler in concord. santa rosa, 5. san jose, 8. oakland 10 degrees cooler and this brings our temperatures in line with where they should be. low to mid 90s in the east bay valleys. castro valley and fremont, 80-82 degrees. mid to upper 70s along the east bay shore. 90 in lx. south bay temperatures this afternoon. 75 in millbrae. 80 in palo alto along the peninsula. low the mid-60s around the coast low 60s at the beaches but mid
5:53 am
to upper 80s in the north bay valleys. 90s around cloverdale and ukiah. cloud cover more stubborn than yesterday around monterey bay, low to mid-80s as you head around carmel. as far as temperatures, we'll be in the 50s, a few 60s around antioch and livermore and san jose. overall pattern hasn't changed but the sea breeze is undercutting this pattern thanks to the area of low pressure and we are cooler but high pressure will take over again this tomorrow and see the jump up in temperatures. then all of us about drop six degrees on saturday, another six on sunday. good morning. happy to report not a single accident reported right now on our bay area roadways. that is a great start. here is a live start at the east shore freeway, berkeley area,
5:54 am
headlights are moving westbound and drive time to the maze from carquinez about 20 minutes. metering lights are not on yet. no problems. let's get a check of drive times for thursday morning commute. westbound 4 making your way out of antioch towards concord, 18 minutes. 23 minutes westbound 580 from altamont pass. no delays in mass transit. for the latest traffic updates go to our website at and click on the traffic link. eric, kristen? and airport security pat-downs? officials may be replacing them. >> here is jane king. >> instead of looking at your body in a scanner, don't be surprised if they ask you questions. tsa testing a plan to engulfing travelers to determine which ones need to go through the naked scanners and which ones don't.
5:55 am
>> and if the bank has repossessed your home, you have the right to review. they are requiring the reviews but sources also say the difficulty in determining which former homeowners were victims of wrongful foreclosures. >> and getting your amazon delivery can be a pain and now they are testing a new system with 7-eleven. they will e-mail you bar code at seven learn store and theochb you use it to open a locker there. at new york stock exchange, bloomberg big report. amazon and state legislative leaders are expected to announce a deal today in a sales tax dispute. a new state law requires amazon to collect sales taxes instead, amazon has poured millions to collect signatures for a referendum challenging the measure. that ballot measure is now on hold. the agreement will avoid the
5:56 am
referendum battle and gives the company until 2012 until it collects sales tax. the obama has guaranteed a loan guaranteed to a solar company. solar city is one of the largest installer. one billion guarantee will pay for a rooftop solar system on private military homes, community centers and administrative offices and storage warehouses. the project spans a 1224 military bases across 33 states. solar city says it hopes to train veterans and military family members to maintain the system. >> you probably seen the pictures of hurricane and tornadoes. raging waters swallowed up cars. they are warnings about flood damaged vehicles hitting the
5:57 am
market. sometimes they are resold to unsuspecting buyers. are can check the government's car history database and we have a link at, look under "7 on your side". >> you are seen ratings at the finest restaurants. and see the same ratings at fast food restaurants. they have rated mcdonald's and wendy's as the best fad fas food restaurants. best burger, they suggest in and out and wendy's. just ahead at 6:00 a.m. more on the scare in the skies, problem that forced a flight from sfo to make an emergency landing overnight. >> also, a limit to giving. unusual donation that brought a bomb squad to one bay area salvation army location. >> reporter: i'm terry mcsweeney
5:58 am
live in hayward where the suspect in the michelle le homicide is expected in court today. police have a mountain of circumstantial evidence but i'll tell why they feel their job is only half done. ab
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